pCoofy SLIC cloning


Authors Name:
Judith Scholz and Sabine Suppmann

Protocol Type:
Author protocol

Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry

Authors list:
Judith Scholz, Hüseyin Besir, Claudia Strasser and Sabine Suppmann


insert text here Expression and purification of correctly folded proteins typically require screening of different parameters such as protein variants, solubility enhancing tags or expression hosts. Parallel vector series that cover all variations are available, but not without compromise. We have established a fast, efficient and absolutely background free cloning approach that can be applied to any selected vector. We have so far generated more than 60 different parallel expression vectors which are all available at https://www.addgene.org/search/advanced/?q=pcoofy

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  1. Nonso Josephat Ikenga :

    I am a master’s student. How can I get pCoofy4 for my master thesis?
    Kind regards.

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